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About Us

Thank you for choosing ShinyLife Toy - Canada's Baby Store!

ShinyLife Toy is an operation under ShinyLife Inc. We are an innovative community of dedicated professionals. ShinyLife Toy’s success is the direct result of everyone working together toward a common goal:

We build real connections with families navigating the early stages of parenthood.

We place value on our friendly service and being innovative, continually evolving to improve your shopping experience.

ShinyLife Inc. is headquartered in Calgary , Alberta, which is also the site of our primary warehouse, from which we ship Canada-wide.

We are proud to announce that we have been certified as a Canadian Gift Association® member.

ShinyLife Toy began in 2013 as an online baby shop, with the mission to take away confusion from parenting, and provide parents with the correct products and knowledge for all their baby needs. The website quickly became popular and people started flooding to the warehouse. Customers were asking to see the products in person as well as have them demonstrated. It became clear the next step was to open a location, and in 2015 the first Little Canadian retail baby store was opened in Calgary.

The owners are no amateurs when it comes to baby items. With three kids and counting, they have plenty of experience with baby products. That’s why ShinyLife Toy is so passionate about providing exceptional products to our customers. We're here to ensure your baby has everything they need!

We plan to continue working to expand our line of Canadian brands in the future to provide our customers with premium items for their own Little Canadian! The major brands we are carrying like Jellycat, Dr.Brown's, and other top brands in the world. We’re also planning to keep expanding our product lines to give our customers only the best - ranging with items from pregnancy all the way to toddler.